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We fully recognize that there is both a powerful and broader benefit in pursuing a policy of diversity in addition to just complying with legal requirements around equal opportunities. Not only as an employer in our own right, but also as a provider of recruitment services, we are wholly committed to policies of both diversity and equal opportunities. We have a company wide non-discrimination policy across gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and disability.

We fully appreciate the value to all businesses in following a programme of diversity in relation to their recruitment and hold with the belief that by pursuing a wider concept of diversity including equal opportunities and non-discrimination, we can create stronger teams and units with a greater depth of talents, views and insights.

Wherever possible and relevant, we can work with our clients to provide data to assist them with monitoring their own programmes of diversity.


Women in Technology

As a leading supplier of technology candidates, we are fully aware of how under-represented women are in this sector and as such, we are doing our utmost to take steps to address this and promote a positive change in this area.

We have set up a dedicated Women in Technology (WIT) Committee to help support this agenda, working both internally and externally with our clients to support their initiatives to engage with, attract and retain women returning to the workforce, as well as improving their recruitment strategies, with this in mind, to close the gender gap. Our WIT promoters are frequently attending relevant industry events, including working in collaboration with our clients to promote and even host these on their behalf.

In practising what we preach, over half of our employees are female (as of April 2020), which includes over 40% of Consultants within the company.

To receive a copy of our latest "WIT One Pager", showcasing the work we have been involved in and some key facts and figures, or just to engage with us on the subject of gender diversity, please get in touch at womenintech@cornwalliselt.com