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In recent years, the Financial Services community and market have become increasingly globalised. It is no longer possible to view the major financial locations in isolation and this has also been reflected in today’s labour market with an ever increasing propensity and ability of candidates to move and transfer their skills to different locations. Coupled with a spotlight from big businesses on achieving cost efficiencies, there has also been a trend of near-shoring and off-shoring allowing them to maximize the potential of a global workforce.

Since our first European recruitment campaign in 2005, we have expanded our footprint to become a preferred partner of Fund Managers, Hedge Funds, Commodities firms, Investment Banks, Insurers, Private Banks and Wealth Managers within the wider European Financial Services arena. In 2009, we founded a dedicated European division, initially concentrating on opportunities in Switzerland, but the team is now also working in France, Germany, Ireland and the Benelux regions. On a smaller scale, we have completed assignments in places such as the US, Singapore and China and have some partnerships with other recruiters in areas such as the Middle East. In more recent years we have also expanded our European coverage within our Digital & Media and Cloud Computing divisions.

Whilst our own team is physically based in London, we have established impressive candidate networks in two parts; firstly a culturally and geographically mobile community of candidates based from London and secondly a local talent pool within each country. Our mission is to find the best candidate whether they are already in situ or by relocating someone with the right skills. The vast majority of these candidate communities have been created using headhunting or networking methodologies and for the most part, the International business mirrors our London business in terms of service lines, clients and candidate skills. As you would expect, the team also spend a significant amount of time travelling to see our clients and candidates within the various cities and locations within which we operate.

Within the team we possess multiple language skills including Dutch, German, Spanish and French as well as Consultants who are culturally aware and sensitive; as with differences between our industry sectors, we also recognize differences in the recruitment processes and market dynamics between varied geographies. This may relate to knowledge of European laws and regulations relevant to contract and permanent recruitment or being able to provide relocation advice and support, market intelligence or introductions to suppliers of relevant third party services where required.

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