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In an IaaS model, a third party provider hosts hardware, servers, storage, software and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. Providers can host users' applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning, thereby offering highly scalable resources and services that can be adjusted on demand; clients of IaaS can access services either via the Internet or by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as WANs and are billed on a utility basis for the amount of resource used.
IaaS is arguably the fastest growing segment of cloud computing services over the last couple of years, largely due to businesses moving away from building their own data centres and entrusting their infrastructure needs to the public cloud. 
Cornwallis Elt has worked extensively with both providers and users of IaaS, across a range of cloud infrastructure roles including architectural, engineering, grid computing, mobile cloud computing and relationship / vendor management. We have built an extensive candidate database covering both private and public IaaS technologies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google, Rackspace, HP, Oracle and EMC amongst others.