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In addition to our recruitment services within the SaaS area, we have also worked extensively with both providers and end users of cloud based platform services. PaaS is essentially the provision of cloud based platforms which allow the development of applications without the cost and intricacy of buying and managing the actual hardware.

Platform as a Service does not typically replace a business's entire infrastructure; instead a business relies on PaaS providers for key services such as Java development or application hosting. For example deploying a business tool locally might typically require an IT department to buy and install hardware, operating systems, the application itself, middleware, define user access and security and then add it to existing systems management checks and application performance monitoring tools, all resources which must be managed over time. A PaaS provider however supports all the underlying computing hardware and software; users only need to log in and start using the platform (usually through a web browser interface).

This has many potential advantages for businesses; saving money, allowing the creation of applications quickly and effectively (especially for web and mobile applications) and in utilising infrastructure more efficiently. Examples of platforms we have worked with include Force.com, GoogleApps, Microsoft Azure, Red Hat OpenShift, Heroku and Cloud Foundry.

Since 2008 we have seen a significant increase in the number of requirements within the PaaS arena and accordingly we have built (and continue to expand) our candidate database of skills in this area. Positions we recruit for span across the full project lifecycle on both a contract and permanent basis.