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The global SaaS market is booming and continues to be a major success, representing the largest and most prominent delivery channel of cloud services to date, with companies from every industry sector adopting the on-demand subscription services available. Cornwallis Elt has recruited proactively in this space to build relationships with candidates and clients alike and has gained a deep understanding of the latest market trends.

SaaS describes cloud services allowing consumers to access software applications over the internet. Applications are hosted in the cloud removing the need for organisations to install and run these on their own computing systems and data centres, thereby eliminating expenses within hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, software licensing, installation and support. 

Cloud computing by way of Software as a Service has many advantages including allowing its clients to avoid some of these significant Capex costs instead focusing their technology efforts on business projects and applications that make them unique rather than the infrastructure behind them. Generally this also allows a great speed to market and ability to scale a company more effectively to meet its business needs.

Increasingly the availability of high capacity networks, service oriented architecture and hardware virtualization combined with the decreasing cost of computers and storage has provided the ideal environment for cloud computing and cloud services to flourish with many key vendors and providers experiencing growth rates of near 100% per annum.

We have worked with a variety of businesses in recruiting resource for SaaS based projects including Salesforce.com, Oracle tools, SAP, Intuit, Eloqua, ExactTarget, Office 365, DeskAway, Aplicor, Netsuite, on Demand and RightNow.