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Whilst we apply the same intensity and drive to our permanent recruitment as we do for contract, we are fully attuned to the fact that permanent motivations, aspirations and recruitment processes can be a little different and require their own unique approach.

Whether it is a retained assignment, an exclusive campaign or a straightforward piece of contingency work, the chances are that our remit will be more about seeking out the right candidate for the long term than an urgent need to provide resource to start in a matter of days. This will almost certainly mean a little more time to understand our client’s requirements, the cultural nuances of the role and the longer term opportunity and career path on offer. Equally, it might take us a little longer to proactively seek out the right candidate who perhaps is not actively looking to change jobs.

For all of our recruitment we try and operate specialised candidate communities or Silos and these are especially relevant for permanent candidates with whom we try and build long term relationships and who are only interested in moving for exactly the right opportunity. Our Silos allow us to track the careers of individuals with relevant skills in our core markets whilst also providing a significantly quicker delivery turnaround to our clients than if we were forever starting our search from scratch.

With all permanent recruitment we would expect to conduct in-depth candidate interviews with one of our Consultants, but we are also glad to work with our clients to provide or administer technical testing, personality profiling or even assessment days. Whatever is included in the process, our clients can rely upon detailed and honest notes accompanying CVs and an objective assessment of candidates and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

We will also be on hand throughout the recruitment process, providing extensive briefings to our candidates, comprehensive and honest interview feedback on both sides, working with line and HR contacts alike to manage the process in a timely fashion and completing the process through helping to negotiate the right package for all parties, handling counter offer situations, advising through the resignation process and undertaking all necessary reference and pre-employment checks that may be required.

Our permanent services range from having run graduate in-take campaigns to numerous retained assignments recruiting CIOs, COOs, CTOs and Heads of Departments. As for our contract recruitment, our sweet spot is at the mid to senior end of the spectrum, but you can expect the same level of care and attention from us whatever the seniority of the role.