At Cornwallis Elt, we are committed to treating our candidates as well as we do our clients and in many cases some of our best clients have been our candidates in a previous life. With everyone we aim to be honest, professional, customer service led and fair. Please also see our Diversity Policy

So what can you expect from working with Cornwallis Elt? For a start, we are based in the heart of the City of London and within easy access of the West End or Docklands, so whether it is a formal interview in our offices or a coffee near yours, we are always keen to meet you in person; it’s the first stage of getting to know you and making sure that we can genuinely help you and represent you properly to our clients.

You should also find that our Consultants and Researchers are subject matter experts. We are constantly striving to stay in touch with market news and developments, we are committed to understanding what you do and ensuring that we represent you effectively by creating as many opportunities for you as we can. You can expect detailed knowledge of the assignments we are working on, in-depth interview briefings on our clients, the role in question and their recruitment processes and accurate and prompt feedback as soon as we ourselves are given it. We will be straight and transparent with you (even if it means telling you that we can’t help); our aim is to be building relationships for the long term and gaining your respect as a trusted recruitment partner.

As a contractor you can also expect expert knowledge and care with regard to contracts, legalities and invoicing;

Detailed legal understanding and process. From AWR to EAA, IR35 to Working Time Directive, Anti-Bribery, HMRC Reporting Requirements, Intellectual Property or Data Protection laws to the use of umbrella or limited companies, the UK and wider European contracts market place is awash with rules and regulations. Whether you are an experienced freelancer or a first time contractor, our role is to make sure that the correct contracts and legal framework are in place to comply with all the relevant legislation surrounding the supply of contract services. We use industry recognised contracts which are fully compliant and have strong in-house legal knowledge which gives us the ability to work with client specific contracts where required and make sure these are mirrored in our supplier agreements. As an established and leading provider of contract staff in the UK, you can be certain that you are dealing with a professional and knowledgeable partner. 

Outstanding Back Office and Contractor Care. As a contractor, we recognise that the most important service we provide is ensuring that your invoices are paid correctly on time, every time. At Cornwallis Elt, we take enormous pride in running a back office and finance function that is frequently praised for its excellence. We operate monthly invoicing cycles with prompt and accurate payment; we also have a dedicated contracts and accounts team to assist you and provide a continuous point of contact in addition to your Consultant. The team maintain accurate records and files including references and all necessary CRB, employment, education and visa documents. As part of our contractor care, we also like to meet up with you regularly; whether for a quick coffee, lunch or glass of wine, we are interested in how things are going and building a relationship with you. Many of our contractors have worked with us for several years on multiple assignments and many become clients. Either way you should expect to hear from us a bit more than just when you sign on the dotted line.